Comfort woman a Filipina's story of prostitution and slavery under the Japanese military

"In April 1943, fifteen-year-old Maria Rosa Henson was taken by Japanese soldiers occupying the Philippines and forced into prostitution as a 'comfort woman.' In this simply told yet powerfully moving autobiography, Rosa recalls her childhood as the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy...

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Tác giả chính: Henson, Maria Rosa L. 1927- (Tác giả)
Tác giả khác: Enloe, Cynthia H. 1938- (writer of foreword.)
Định dạng: Điện tử Sách
Ngôn ngữ:English
Được phát hành: Lanham, Maryland Rowman & Littlefield 2017.
[Singapore iGLibrary; Heritage Books of Asia]
Phiên bản:Second edition.
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