Improving efficiency in public financial management a study on the adoption of the Unified Account Code Structure (UACS) in select national government agencies

The Philippine government has been implementing the Unified Account Code Strucure (UACS) as an integral component of the Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform Program since 2014. It is meant to simplify, improve, and harmonize government's financial management process and information systems...

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Λεπτομέρειες βιβλιογραφικής εγγραφής
Κύριος συγγραφέας: Quilinguing, Agnes Kristine Aranza (Συγγραφέας)
Μορφή: Thesis Βιβλίο
Έκδοση: Quezon City National College of Public Administration and Governance, University of the Philippines Diliman 2019