Fisheries resources and ecological assessment of Manila Bay 2012-2015 a special issue of the Philippine Journal of Fisheries

ग्रंथसूची विवरण
निगमित लेखक: Philippines. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (लेखक)
अन्य लेखक: Santos, Mudjekeewis D. (संपादक), Furio, Elsa F. (संपादक), Lopez, Grace DV. (संपादक), Torres, Francisco Jr. SB. (संपादक), Borja, Valeriano M. (संपादक), Bognot, Eunice DC. (संपादक), Gatdula, Norvida C. (संपादक), Perez, Marco A. (संपादक), Gonzales, Fe L. (संपादक)
स्वरूप: पुस्तक
प्रकाशित: Quezon City Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, National Fisheries Research and Development Institute 2017.