Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Tuklas: UP Libraries’ Discovery Service?

A: Tuklas Discovery Service is a platform that puts together all of the library’s existing local database sources of books and electronic information materials to offer an all-in-one search solution to users.

Q: How is Tuklas different from the old iLib?

A: Formerly, iLib allowed users to search only through the collection contained in the latter, and not the collection contained in other local databases. Tuklas indexes the local databases maintained or hosted by the UP Libraries (currently limited to Diliman-hosted databases only), as well as its electronic resources collection, and allows for simultaneous search through all of its integrated databases.

Q: Can I view full-text versions of materials in Tuklas?

A: The platform only provides bibliographic information of materials and not full-text copies of the latter. For electronic and digitized resources, links are provided to redirect the user to the host website or database provider where the full-text material can be viewed or downloaded. Previews for some electronic resources, available thru Google Books, are also displayed inline (under the Preview tab).

Q: Can I narrow down my search?

A: Yes, the platform has filters, called facets, that allow you to refine your search or perform another search from within the current search results.

Q: Does the platform generate citations for referencing?

A: Yes, the platform is able to generate citations of materials in three different style formats namely APA, Chicago and MLA. However, we encourage you to still check the citations manually for accuracy.

Q: Can I go back to my recent searches?

A: Yes, the platform allows you to go back using the Search History feature.

Q: What databases are accessible in Tuklas?

A: Currently, users may search the union catalog of UP Diliman (iLib), the Index to Philippine Newspapers, and the Index to Philippine Periodicals. Eventually, all other local databases developed by the University Library Diliman, and databases maintained by the other UP Constituent University libraries, will be made searchable thru this platform.

Q: Can I generate a list of the materials I am planning to check out for reference?

A: Yes, you have the option to e-mail the list to yourself or print it if your computer is connected to a printer.

Q: Can I check out a book/item?

A: Checking out physical items shall be performed in the circulation desk using a different platform. This platform mainly provides bibliographic information about the available resources in our collection.

Q: Can I check if a book is currently available for borrowing (on-shelf)?

A: Yes, the system is integrated with the circulation database and will reflect the real-time status of circulation books (e.g., on-loan, on-shelf).

Q: Can I reserve books online thru this platform?

A: No, while this feature is supported, it is currently disabled in the system. It will be enabled in future releases or updates.

Q: Is Tuklas safe and accessible off-campus?

A: The platform uses mechanisms to ensure access safety. It is accessible on- and off-campus to serve the UP constituents as well as the general public.

Q: Do I need to login to the system to utilize all available features?

A: No, all special features enabled in the system do not require users to login. For security reasons, the login option is currently disabled but will be enabled in future releases or updates.

Q: Why does the service use cookies?

A: Cookies are used to manage sessions, which include selected language, last search, book bag contents, any login information, etc. However, we do not collect personal information thru this website.